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Heart in Texture Experiment - 9x9

Heart in Texture Experiment - 9x9

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Experimental mixed media painting on wood box, with a secret material  

Dimensions: 9x9 inches 1.25  inches deep

Artist signature on the back.

Ready to hang with a wire on back

Production: 2022

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A lot of work was applied to this, using a “secret” art material, a somewhat common material but was not meant to be used in wall art. I had no idea how this material behaves on wood and had no idea how long it would take for it to dry enough to be worked on. It was somewhat gooey for days, then it slowly dried but was oddly soft. Much later on I found out that it was not too soft any more after a few weeks. A few weeks, to me, is a long time to wait to move onto the next step. Drying took so long that I almost forgot that it was there. Shaping this mystery material was tricky, as the friction of sanding caused it to melt. I had to gently sand it manually. Applying color on it was another “different” experience, but I managed to put on an interesting color. In the end, I think this achieved the “interesting look” I was trying to achieve.
The heart glows in the dark if strong light is applied onto it directly for a few hours. In a normal in-house lighting, it may glow when the lights are turned off, but may glow dimly. It all depends on how the lighting is situated.


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