Momoko Sudo, the Artist

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MOMOKO spent all of her youth in cold Hokkaido, Japan. Her independent nature and international mind led her to the States alone in 1992. She had lived in Oklahoma, Texas, and Michigan before the bright tropical colors and intense light mesmerized her in 2000, prompting her to move to Miami, Florida, where she resided till May 2009. She then moved to California, currently living in Silicon Valley.


Artist Statement

“What do you see in abstract art? There's no incorrect answer. Use your imagination. Make up your own story and believe in it. Your story is the subjective truth you live with. Ultimately, not only in abstract art, but also everything in life is about how you view things. Enjoy life. Enjoy abstract art! ”

I specialize in abstract art because I enjoy its multiplicity in interpretations and unlimited freedom of expressions. Each viewer sees something different from the same piece. I take advantage of this subjective nature of abstract art, and I let the viewer do the interpretation jobs, so I can focus on compositions and colors while creating them.

Although I aim at provoking imagination, I attempt to make my work as attractive as possible so they are not only fine art but also decorative elements that people can enjoy looking at in their living or working spaces.

I believe in good craftsmanship in fine art. Inspiration alone does not accomplish anything. It is the skill that makes art possible. Many of the techniques I use are not taught in schools or workshops. I had to invent them by necessity in order to achieve uniqueness and originality.
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