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SOLD OUT - Classic Black and White Rolled Canvas

SOLD OUT - Classic Black and White Rolled Canvas

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forest - original acrylic painting on canvas

Canvas Dimensions: 6 x 6 feet 

Canvas is not stretched. Stored rolled.

Can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

Some consideration on installing this piece 

Wrinkles due to it being stored rolled are resolved when being hang for a while, but also you can spray, not too much, water, just adding some moisture, on the back side of it, without getting wet, then hang it or leave it flat. 

Extra edges are for stretching or other installation purposes but the whole thing can be left as is. It’s possible to hang it vertically hanging scroll style with sticks on top and bottom. Or, you can use staple guns just to staple onto drywall. 

You may want to consider how difficult it would be once it's stretched onto such a huge frame, roughly 10 feet by 5 feet. Transporting may become problem for its size. 

Produced in 2013


The item ships rolled 

Free shipping withing the States. 

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