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Click on the main photo for a larger image. Reject A: Out There Laminated Print - free shipping in the USA

Reject A: Out There Laminated Print - free shipping in the USA

$ 50.00 $ 105.00

This piece has two imperfections which can be seen on the second and third photos. 

The second photo: There is a tiny dot , 1 inch from the left, and 1/4 inch from the top. This is a trapped debris when they did the lamination. It's very small, and may be hard to see. It is possible that no one notices. 

The third photo: A small dent, size of a sesame seed , about 3/4 inch from the bottom, right at the border between black painted side and paper. It's almost invisible. It's sort of like a bubble but it's not a bubble. The wood underneath has a sesame seed sized dent, so the print and the lamination are dented. This has no color. It's just a different texture. If you find it hard to see it on the photo, it's possible that you may not notice it. 

Title: Out There

Ready to hang laminated print (reproduction)

Dimensions of this piece: 13 x 16.5  inches. 

Front side is laminated with matte finish;

No need to frame. Ready to hang.

Sides are in black; Floater style (see pictures); Wire on back for easy hanging

Price includes shipping within the States. 

$ 50.00 $ 105.00

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