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Click on the main photo for a larger image. Sand Painting by Unknown Artist

Sand Painting by Unknown Artist

$ 30.00

Dimensions: 25.5" w x 16.25" h x 3/4" d

Weight: 6 pounds and 14 oz (almost 7 pounds)

Wired on the back. Ready to hang.

Artist: unknown

My 84 year old friend is moving in with her daughter and can't take much of stuff with her. She and her late husband used to live in a big condo so they had a lot of wall art, and this is one of them.

This very old sand painting is probably many years old. At least 30 years, potentially 50 years or older, since they kept old things. 

Based on the dimensions, I think this was made in somewhere in the USA. The dimensions fit to the US measuring units. It may well be from Hawaii since their grown up children all live in Hawaii.